Home Pizza Ovens

Seriously, pizza is great for dinner, lunch, a midnight snack, even breakfast…yes, that’s the voice of experience talking. Now with the emergence of a wide range of pizza ovens for the home, you’re no longer a hostage to delivery timeframes or soggy, formerly frozen crusts. From the higher-end Alfa to the more affordable Ooni, it’s easy to find one that fits your space and your budget. Let’s make every night Pizza-night!

If your family is anything like mine, pizza is a regular on the menu. Every Friday is pizza night at our house and while there are some really great pizza places around Denver, creating your own pizzas at home is fun, economical and a ton of fun for the whole family.  Making pizza in a conventional oven is fine, but to get that crisp crust and the wood-fired taste and smell, it requires more than the average oven can offer. So we want to share some ideas for pizza ovens. Today, we’re going to focus on the Ooni Pizza Oven. Small but mighty, this pizza oven can hit temps of 900 degrees within 15 minutes to get you that crisp, crunchy, pizzeria-style crust at home.  And with most models priced under $500 it’s hard to go wrong. Let’s explore the Ooni Pizza Oven. 


While there are a number of really amazing pizza ovens on the market, the Ooni pizza ovens are an absolute favorite of ours. Why? Well, there are lots of reasons. 

Price – the entire line of Ooni pizza ovens is priced under $1,000….with most ranging under $500. That’s a small price to pay for this outstanding pizza oven. We looked at it and realized we were paying close to $100 per month when ordering pizza out (that’s not hard to do with three growing boys in the family), so the Ooni paid for itself in a matter of weeks. 

Ease of use – right out of the box you’ll see how easy the Ooni pizza oven is to use, with almost no moving parts, there’s very little that can go wrong. As long as you have a good peel and an ample amount of flour or cornmeal to reduce sticking, it’s hard to mess up…at least once you’ve conquered temperature management. (see below)  

Flexibility – while the Ooni was designed with pizza in mind, there are numerous recipes available for everything from roasted veggie to steaks. With as quickly as the Ooni gets hot, and the amazing flavors from the wood, the Ooni may replace some of the chores you look to your traditional grill for right now.  

Small footprint  – means you can take your Ooni on the road with you. As much fun as the Ooni pizza oven is at home, it’s just as much fun on the road. It’s easy to break down and transport so it’s perfect to take with you tailgating, camping or on an RV road trip. There’s even a handy travel bag available for most models.  

The cons:
It’s difficult to find any real negatives with the Ooni. In fact, our “cons” are really more about becoming a proficient operator of the unit than the unit itself. 

Fuels – I own the wood-burning oven and refilling the hopper without snuffing out the flame takes some practice. At first, I regretted not getting the gas version so it would be one less thing to manage, but the smell of the wood-burning in the oven makes the pellet management totally worth it. The gas version would be ideal if you just want a minimum of fuss or want to produce a lot of pies quickly. This problem was solved recently when Ooni introduced the Karu multi-fuel oven….guess what’s on my Christmas list.  

temperature management – again, this isn’t an oven issue as much as an operator issue. Don’t host a big pizza party when you use the Ooni for the first time. I’ll say that again, DON’T host a big pizza party to try out the Ooni for the first time. Yes, those are the words of experience. Your first few pies won’t come out the way you want. The Ooni gets hot and cooks fast. You’re gonna have some burnt crusts. Once you get used to using the dampener on the smokestack to regulate airflow and get proficient at turning the pizzas, invite the neighborhood over and awe them with your pizza skills. 

All in all, the Ooni is an amazing piece of cooking technology, it looks sleek and cool…almost like art, but produces some of the best pizza you’ll ever taste. If you and your family love pizza, the Ooni pizza oven is for you.