Denver front range Wintertaining

Anyone who lives in the Denver front range area knows how unpredictable the weather can be. And you know how dramatically different from one day to the next. And 2020 has been no different – in October we had several days of temps over 100 degrees, only to be followed by several inches of snow. Those kinds of weather swings can make outdoor entertaining a challenge, to say the least. Have no fear! We’ve put together a list of fantastic products to ensure you can enjoy your outdoor living space no matter the weather…what we like to call “Wintertaining”.


Fire pits are great but there’s something so festive and cozy about a chiminea. The smell of the Pinion wood wafting through the air, the flickering light casting shadows across the ground. These little potbellied stoves have been warming homes and cooking food since they were invented in the 1600’s! These fun little fireplaces are available in clay or cast iron to meet your specific taste and are as functional as they are cozy. Impress your friends by cooking with one (check out the recipes from Chiminea Guy)…or even just toasting marshmallows. One of the pros to a chiminea over an open fire pit is the enclosure that helps keep embers from escaping. However, the external walls of a chiminea can become hot to the touch, so this should be a consideration if you have small children around.

If you live in the Colorado area, you are painfully aware of the fire dangers the state has faced this year. Please ensure you follow all state and local guidelines to ensure you and your neighbors stay safe.

Outdoor Lanterns & Lighting

Outdoor lighting can make a massive impact on the look, feel, and overall ambiance of your outdoor living space. There are a lot of built-in options that can be incorporated into the deck at the time of construction, or even added post-construction, but today we are going to focus on alternate lighting options. Lanterns are a great way to add character and style while creating just the right atmosphere for your space. Available in gas or electric, you can decide what’s best…and safest for your needs. And let’s not forget twinkle lights. Just a string or two can add a soft touch and cozy up any space. Or you could go crazy and add dozens of strands for a full-on winter snowfall effect. Add to that the functionality that some products have, allowing you to choose the color and luminosity of the lights, you have total control to change the feel of your space from one moment to the next with a few touches of your smartphone.

Cool-Weather Outdoor Furniture

The right furniture for the season can make all the difference as well. Summer furniture may not block the chill as effectively as furniture with thicker, more robust cushions. In addition, so much of today’s outdoor furniture is specifically designed to help withstand and easily shed the rain and snow. Having the peace of mind that if cushions accidentally get left out during a storm, it won’t be the end of your investment, is a big plus too. To take your space to the next level, adding an outdoor blanket or two is a great way to help ensure your family and friends can snuggle up and enjoy a cool evening on the deck together.

Outdoor Heaters

If those blankets are quite enough on those especially chilly Colorado nights, outdoor heaters can be a great accessory to help increase the amount of time you spend on your deck. With lots of styles and looks, there’s a great outdoor heater for almost any space. Not to mention the control these gas-powered units provide, allowing you to dial in exactly the temp range that’s best for any given moment.

We hope you like our list and get some ideas to allow you to extend the use of your outdoor living area. Let us know if there’s something that we missed or that has had a big impact on how you enjoy your deck or patio.

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