Winter Deck Maintenance in Colorado

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It’s almost fall! It’s almost time to pull out the fleece and go see the changing of the aspens to that majestic gold. So, as the seasons begin to change here in Colorado, we thought it might be a good time to review some winter deck maintenance steps you can take to help ensure your deck stands up to the sporadic Front Range seasons. Even if your deck is a composite material, these steps will help to ensure you maximize the lifespan and appearance of your deck.

Table of contents:
1 – Inspect your deck
2 – Clean your deck
3 – Remove rugs & furniture
4 – Use the right shovel
5 – Know what’s in your deicer
6 – Is it time to re-seal your deck
7 – Final words

Take a look around. Take a little time to do a full visual inspection of your deck. Be sure to take your time and look over your deck carefully – above and below. This might mean you need to crawl around on the ground with a flashlight, but it will be worth your time.

This is also a good time to ensure there is nothing preventing airflow around your deck. It happens, sometimes, we end up with planters, grills, yard tools, or even toys on or around the deck. Now is a good time to store them elsewhere or at least ensure there’s enough space between anything you’re storing and the deck to allow for adequate airflow. Airflow is critical for winter deck maintenance, after all, it’s that airflow that will help the decking materials dry quickly after the rain and snow, reducing the chance for rot.

Keep it clean. Make sure you regularly sweep or blow off your deck to keep it free from small debris like leaves, pine needles, and pine cones. Organic material left on your deck can cause staining as well as allow mold to grow. If you have metal planters or furniture, it’s a good idea to visually check to ensure no rust is present.

Take up rugs. Outdoor rugs are a fantastic way to make your deck even more stylish and help keep your feet warm on cool nights. But as winter sets in, it’s a good time to store the rugs. They tend to trap moisture between the rug and the deck and reduce airflow and the warmth from the sun, slowing the drying process. Not to mention if the rug stays in one place too long, you’ll see fading lines. If in the off chance, you don’t plan to use your deck over the winter, it’s also a good idea to remove and store any outdoor furniture you might have on your deck.

winter deck maintenance tips to protect your investment
When the snow flies, ensure you’re using the right tools to clean your deck. Typically, with our mild climate in Denver any snow will quickly melt off, so shoveling won’t necessarily have to be a part of your winter deck maintenance program. But if you want to clear the snow yourself or there’s a large buildup of snow or piling on the deck, you have a couple of options. Most of the snow accumulation you’ll experience in Denver can be removed from your deck with a broom. If there’s deeper snow, you can use a shovel. But be careful, shovels with a metal edge can dig into the deck, allowing water to penetrate, or at the very least cause unsightly scars in the material. When spring rolls around, you’ll have a scratched up deck that may require significant maintenance. If you do shovel your deck, always go with the grain – not against. Here are a few quality plastic snow shovels on Amazon to check out.

If you have ice build-up on your deck you can use a deicer – as long as it’s the right one. Don’t use salt, sand, or kitty litter as they may contain chemicals that can damage and discolor your deck. There are several quality products available with ammonia sulfate that will melt the ice without staining or damaging your deck.

If you don’t have a composite deck, now may be the right time to re-seal your deck? Did you notice significant fading or peeling during your visual inspection of the deck? If you did, now might be the right time to put in the effort and reseal.

If you invest a little time in proper winter deck maintenance, you’ll help ensure your deck stays in good condition and looks beautiful for years to come.

Still, have questions about maintaining your deck? Maybe your deck has seen better days and you’d like to discuss options. Get in touch with The Deck Company and our team of deck professionals will answer your questions and discuss your options.

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