Fall Outdoor Entertaining Must-Haves

Spending more time outside this fall? Here’s our list of fall outdoor entertaining must-haves for this year. These awesome products will help you make the most of your outdoor entertaining.

Balmy summer nights are a perfect time to spend time enjoying your outdoor space. But fall and winter present wonderful opportunities to enjoy your deck or patio – especially here in Colorado. For that reason, we want to share some ideas for fall outdoor entertaining must-haves. If it’s a large group of your closest friends, or just you and that special someone, these products will help you enjoy your time outside even more.

ALFA Pizza Oven

Say goodbye to pizza delivery because the awesome ALFA pizza oven takes your pizza making game to the next level. Made in Italy, these beautiful wood-fired pizza ovens provide an authentic flavor and an extraordinary design aesthetic. A mix of contemporary and classic, there are multiple sizes available to fit your space. And best of all, these ovens come ready to use – no curing required. So, you and your family can be making delicious pizzas the same day the oven is delivered. Best of all, you’re not limited to pizza. These infuse a great woodsy flavor to anything you make. So they’re great for meat, fish, roasted veggies, or anything you can dream up.

If the more contemporary looks aren’t right for you,  the Cupolino model, is a perfect starting point for a custom brick or stone masoned oven, giving your space an authentically Italian flare.

Keep in mind, these are wood-burning ovens with their own ventilation flue, so they are NOT for indoor use.

If you’re interested in an ALFA Pizza Oven for your space, contact The Deck Company Inc for pricing and availability.

Outdoor TV

Fall means football (well, maybe this year), and what could be better than enjoying watching the game from the comfort of your own deck. This new generation of TVs are perfect for outdoor viewing because they’re made to endure whatever mother nature throws at them. Ready for rain, snow, and temperatures as low as 20 degrees below zero, these TVs are perfect for fall outdoor entertaining. Add to that the extra-bright screen and you can watch the game or binge on Netflix any time of day. And since they are available in sizes up to 75-inches, there’s a model that will fit perfectly into your space. Check out some of the latest outdoor televisions here. 


Patio Heaters

Nothing puts a damper on fall outdoor entertaining like a cold night. But don’t worry, because as you begin to feel the crisp chill of the fall air – or maybe it’s just a cool July night here in Colorado – there are a number of patio heaters that can help keep you comfy and cozy no matter the size of your space or your budget. From larger free-standing outdoor heaters to smaller wall mounted units, there are plenty to choose from.

For example, the Garden Radiance “Dancing Flames Pyramid” outdoor patio heater (pictured) is not only effective at helping you stay warm, but very stylish and a great conversation starter. Get more details on patio heaters here. 

Fire Pits

A fire pit is a natural fixture for enjoying outdoor entertaining in the fall and winter. It provides a warm focal point for your entertaining space. As well as helps keep your family and guests warm. Not to mention the mesmerizing dancing flames. It’s hard to beat the peaceful feeling you get sitting outside on a cool evening, watching the flames dance in a fire pit.

And the gas option means no mess, very little cleanup, and maintenance. So, when you’re ready for a fire, simply turn your fire pit on and you’re ready to go. Check out these awesome firepits. 

With so many options to choose from across a wide range of prices. it’s hard to go wrong. In fact, there are a number of DIY ideas and plans available online. So, with a little research and the willingness to take on a project, you can have the fire pit of your dreams. If you decide to go the DIY route, make sure you’ve taken the proper safety precautions.


Lighting can be such an important addition to any outdoor entertaining space. Providing the perfect ambiance for the moment. With built-in as well as exterior options, there’s an option that’s right for you.

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

An often-overlooked accessory for great fall outdoor entertaining is a floor covering – like an indoor/outdoor rug. Choosing the right rug can bring new energy to your space, impart warmth and style, as well as offer a level of protection for your deck from the elements.

Now, with so many beautiful and unique designs available for indoor outdoor rugs, like the collection from Unique Loom, you can show off your own personal style.

Add to that the hardy construction and minimal upkeep required, and we think you’ll agree that an outdoor rug is a great way to add personality to your outdoor living area.

There are so many fall outdoor entertaining must-haves, you might have a hard time deciding where to start. But even with all the products and ideas available, the most important thing you can do is to make the space yours and a reflection of who you are. We hope you enjoy your outdoor living space all year long.